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School offers some activities which are conducted on Saturdays during school hours. Participation in min. 3 of these is compulsory for every student. List of activities for different classes are as follows.

Class I To Class – II

Drawing & Painting, Clay/Plasticine Modelling, Play in Sand-Pit, Splashing in the Kids Pool, Story Telling, Group Games Collage/Cutting & Pasting, Origamy, Greeting Card Making, Recitation, Literary Activities, Fancy Dress, Paper Craft, Music, Dance, Memory Contest, Memory Contest, P.T. Drill, Yoga

Classes- III To XII

Music, Dance, Dramatics Debate, Extempore, Needle Work, Craft, Water & Oil Painting, Embroidery, Calligraphy Science Club, Humanities Club, Arts Club, Gardening, Flower Decoration, Salad Decoration, Rangoli, Computer Programming, Public Speaking, Quiz Programme, Essay Writing, Recitation, Elocution, Guest Lecture & Mono Act Play, P.T. Drill, Yoga, Shramdan, First - Aid.