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To promote and inculcate healthy competitive spirit, students are given scholarship.

  1. All the students securing CGPA9.6 & above in class X shall be eligible for scholarship award .......
        * On scoring 90% and above marks in halfyearly exam of class XI, students shall be awarded  5000/- each.
         * On scoring 85% and above but less than 90% marks in halfyearly students shall be awarded  3000/- each.
         * On scoring 80% and above but less than 85% marks in halfyearly, students shall be awarded  2000/- each.
         * This scholarship will be continued till class XII on the same criteria, otherwise scholarship will be discontinued.
  2. Students qualifying first round NTSE exam shall be awarded  3000/- each.
  3. Students qualifying second round NTSE exam shall be awarded 5000/- each.
  4. Sports Scholarship KPS is the only school to provide Sports Scholarship to the deserving students.
    Best outstanding National Players shall be awarded  3000/- each.
  5. Students winning Quiz Competition at national level will be given scholarship of  2000/-.

Note: The information provided in this document is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.