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Class I - V

School follows Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation as per CBSE guidelines. Promotion will be totally based on the whole year's performance & weekly tests. It will be essential for the child to get minimum 'D' in the 5 point grading scale of achievementA*,A, B, C, D.

Classes VI - XI
  1. The total marks in each subject will be 100 which includes 80 Marks of Annual written Exam & 20 Marks of Internal Assessment. The Internal Assessment includes 10 Marks of periodic tests (which is Best of any 2 Periodic test ie. Pre Mid term, Mid term & Post Mid term), 5 Marks for Notebook submission & 5 Marks for Oral/Practical/Project Tests.
  2. Securing 33% Marks separately in Annual Exam of 80 Marks & in InternalAssessment of 20 Marks in essential for promotion.
  3. During the whole session 3 periodic tests named as term Pre Mid, Mid term & Post Mid term test will be conducted for internalAssessment.
  4. 5 Marks of Internal Assessment will be given for Note book submission inAnnual Exam Result. Note books submission will be assessed on the basis of Regularity, assignment completion, neatness & upkeeping of note books.
  5. 5 Marks of Internal Assessment in each subject will also be given on Oral /Practical on Project Work inAnnual Exam.
  6. The Marks obtained in periodic test (10 marks), 5 marks of Notebooks/ copies & 5 Marks of Oral/Practical Project Work will be finally added as InternalAssessment. Thus the total of InternalAssessment will be of 20 Marks.
  7. Securing 33% which is 7½ out of 20 Marks in Internal Assessment is must for promotion.
A. Annual Exam / Board Exam
  1. Written Examination in all the subjects will be conducted for 80 marks. Scoring 33% marks which is 27 marks out of 80 is a must for students for passing. This will cover 100% syllabus in every subject.
  2. The marks scored in Annual Exam of 80 marks in each subject will be finally converted in to grade on percentile basis. There is 9 point grading system which is as following : A-1 : Top 1/8th of the passed candidates A-2 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates B-1 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates B-2 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates C-1 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates C-2 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates D-1 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates D-2 : Next 1/8th of the passed candidates E : Failed candidates
  3. To pass the examination, a candidate must obtain at least Grade D-2 in all subjects of written exam.
B. InternalAssessment (20 Marks)
  1. 20 Marks of Internal Assessment included Periodic Tests (10 marks) note book submission (5 marks) & subject enrichment (5 marks)
  2. (I) Periodic Test (10 marks):
  3. (a) The school will conduct three periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken. However for gradient learning, three tests will be held as one being the mid-term test and other two being pre mid and post midterm with portion of syllabus cumulatively covered. The gradually increasing portion of contents will prepare students acquire confidence for appearing in the Board examination with 100% syllabus. The school will take the average of the best two tests for final calculation from Pre Mid Term, Mid Term (Half Yearly) and
  4. Post Mid Term test.
  5. (b) The school will conduct Pre Mid term test of 25 marks, covering 25% syllabus, Post Mid term test i.e. Half Yearly Exam of 80 Marks which will cover 50% of syllabus & Post Mid term test which will be of 50 Marks covering 75% of syllabus. Average of any best two from all these periodic test viz. Pre Mid term, Mid term & Post Mid term test will be finally converted for 10 Marks in each subject. © Max. marks & syllabus content of periodic test will not be taken into consideration Total Marks of any of these tests will be finally given weightage of 5 marks only which means that 25 marks of Pre Mid term. 80 Marks of Half Yearly/Mid term & 50 Marks of Post Mid term will be calculated for 5 Marks weightage only. Thus 5 marks weightage will be for any Periodic tests (Pre Mid term, Post Mid term, Mid term).
  6. (c) 5 Marks each from any 2 best periodic tests of 3 term test will be taken for Periodic 10 marks InternalAssessment.
  7. (ii) Notebook Submission (5 marks): Students will be awarded 5 marks for note books submission in each subject. Notebook submission is a part of internal assessment and is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topics being taught in the classroom as well as assignments. This also addresses the critical aspect of regularity. punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep.
  8. (iii) Subject EnrichmentActivities (5 marks):
  9. The subject specific application activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development will be conducted in the form of oral/practical on project works. These activities are to be recorded internally by respective subject teachers. For Languages (Hindi, English & Sanskrit) : Activities conducted for subject enrichment in languages will aim at equipping the learner to develop effective speaking and listening skills. For Mathematics: The laboratory activities and projects will be given by the teacher as per CBSE/NCERT syllabus. For Science: The listed practical works / activities will be carried out as prescribed by the CBSE in the curriculum. For Social Science: Map and project work will be undertaken as prescribed by the CBSE in the curriculum.
  10. D. Additional Subjects : FIT is considered as 6th Subject orAdditional Subject. This subject includes Practical of 60 marks & theory exam of 40 marks. Securing 33% separately in Practical & theory is must for promotion. This will also include 100% syllabus coverage in Annual Exam & 3 periodic test will be conducted in this subject.
  11. 2. Co. ScholasticActivities:
  12. The co-curricular activities on which students will be assessed on 5 point grading system are
  13. (a) Work Education : Cookery Skills, Preparation of stationery items, Tie and dye and Screen printing, Recycling of paper, Hand embroidery, Running a book - bank, Repair and maintenance of domestic electrical gadgets, Computer operation and Maintenance, Photography etc.
  14. (b) Arts Education. © Health & Physcial Education (Any two to be assessed) * Sports/Indigenous sports (Kho-Kho etc.) * Gymnastics * Yoga * FirstAid * Gardening/Shramdaan These will be graded 'on a 5-point grading scale (A to E) and will have no descriptive indicators. However no upscaling of grades will be done.
  15. 3. Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviour, Values 20 Marks) : Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and it helps build character. Sincerity, good behaviour and values develop strength and foster unity and co-operation. Therefore, the element of discipline has been introduced in school. Class teacher will be responsible for grading the students on a Five-point scale (Ato E). The Discipline Marks comprises 20 marks.(10+5+5) . In which 10 Marks will be on Attendance, 5 Marks of Assessment will be given for sincerity & 5 Marks will be awarded on the behaviour & values of students.